Công Ty TNHH Premo Việt Nam
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Thương lượng
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383 lượt xem
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Từ 1 - 2 năm
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Nhân viên
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Cao đẳng
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1 người
Yêu cầu giới tính:
Nam, Nữ
Độ Tuổi:
từ 22 - 36 tuổi
Hình thức làm việc:
Toàn thời gian

Mô tả công việc

- Manage Management review, prepare (collect) the input information, record the output results of the review.

- Follow up the improvement action and update the result, evidence.

- Inform to all process owner about new KPI target.

- Ensure the SWOT is made yearly.

- Participate of updating SWOT.

- Ensure the risk analysis is made yearly.

- Define the risk analysis for Document Management process.

- Follow up the preventive action and update the result, evidence.

- Prepare the quality objective and environmental objective form.

- Update the planning and results of the quality objectives, environment objectives

- Handle score card (KPIs indicators)

- Prepare the indicator reports for Management Review, Internal audit, Continuous Improvement, Document Management.

- Take care of data of indicators to keep updated the company scorecard. (monthly)

- Prepare the report for communicating matrix of the system results to all employees.

- Prepare yearly customer satisfaction data collection and reporting.

- Ensure the contingency/emergency plan review yearly.

- Contribute in the simulation of contingency plan.

- Lead for system quality matters (certification and customer audits, etc.)

- Contribute to generate the CARs.

- Assist others to fulfill all requirements which related to system quality.

- Conduct to collect the input to define the internal program yearly and audit activities.

- Monitor in the system the annual audit program.

- Organize with auditee for audit time (system audit).

- Perform internal system process audit according internal audit plan.

- Follow up corrective action of system audit.

- Manage of quality system, environment system and technical documents.

- Evaluate the document before releasing (for right version, format, change description, date,…)

- Conduct release documents in system and print hard copies to required areas and get the old one.

- Ensure proper storage of record.

- Prepare the monthly Non-quality cost, corporate indicator reports and non-financial information to global. - Conduct the general training and information regarding quality management system and environment management.

- Perform monthly stationery order.

- Ensure suppliers submit the RoHS/REACH/CMRT/EMRT declarations when customers require.

- Provide the RoHS/REACH/CMRT/EMRT declarations when customers required.

- Contribute with core team member in identify and evaluate these environmental aspect, environment legal requirement.

- Follow up for record & action plan of ISO 14001 audit.

- Answer information to customers, commercials, etc. regarding QMS,EMS certifications.

- Support other department related to system quality. 

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Shuttle bus for transportation
- Good benefits, 13th month salary, holiday bonus
- Team building and many excited activities to warm up spirit
- Skill and specializing training 

Yêu cầu công việc

- Education: Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering, Electronic, Electric or related fields.

- Experience: 1 year or above in a similar position

- Have experience or knowledge of Awareness & Internal Auditor IATF 16949 / ISO 14001:2015, VDA 6.3, 5 core tools, Problem Solving ( A3/8D )

- Have knowledge of:

+ 6S

+ Continuously improvement

+ Documentation / record retention

- Good English. 

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